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We are here to help you improve the quality and pricing of your company’s employees benefit plan. You do not have to change your insurance company or wait until your current benefit plan renews. You can start realizing a significant savings and an improvement in the benefits provided under your benefits plan. 

Most businesses are unaware that up to 20% of the benefit premiums that they pay to insurance companies go towards hidden commissions, bonuses and incentives such as lavish vacations that are paid to benefit salespeople. 

For example, if you have 20 employees and you pay $5,000 a month in premiums, as much as $12,000 of your premiums are paid to your benefit salesperson every year which over 5 years would amount to $60,000.

You do not need a commissioned salesperson to purchase your employee benefits. We can show you how to find out how much you are unnecessarily paying to have a benefits salesperson convince you to pay increasing rates every year and how you can immediately eliminate paying for these excessive commissions. 

 We have helped numerous Alberta and BC business owners to eliminate these hidden commissions and instead pay only a small administration fee per employee.


For example, it the fee is $10 per month per employee, then based on the example above you would only pay $200 a month saving you $9,600 a year, or $48,000 over the next 5 years

It does not matter which insurance company you are with, you can start realizing significant savings right away through eliminating excessive hidden commissions.

We created The Better Benefits Report™ which measures how much your insurance company is keeping in fees including undisclosed hidden commissions.

Based on this we are able to calculate and show you how much you can immediately start saving.

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You Deserve Better - We Deliver It™
  • Between 2012 - 2018 we have saved businesses an average of $492 per employee, per year.

  • We can show you how to fix and guarantee your rates for up to 5 years.

  • We can show you how to receive premium refunds if employees do not use all of the benefits available to them. 

  • We can show you how to receive 100% coverage for dental (including orthodontics), medical (chiropractic, massage & physiotherapy etc.), prescriptions and vision care (including laser eye surgery).

A History of Serving Business Owners

United Benefits Group Ltd. was founded to assist business owners  to significantly improve the quality and pricing of their employee and keyperson benefit plans.  Our team has now managed in excess of $2 billion of benefit plans for over 500 business owners in Alberta and British Columbia. 




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We have many clients who have provided references about the significant results and high level of service that we have provided for them.  Our client references include:

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Voted Best Employee Benefits Provider in Southern Alberta!

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